Question: How much do pictures cost ?
Answer: Helicopters are expensive and the cost is recovered in the pictures. Our least expensive picture is a huge 16x20. color picture, about the size of a 25. TV for $250. These are SUPER high quality portraits that are more like art work. We remove stains, barnacles, blemishes and fenders from your boat and make it look like new. For slightly more, you can also buy the digital files which are suitable for publication in any magazine on the planet.

Question: Do you sell pictures online?
Answer: Yes! We do now!

Question: I am not exactly sure of my state registration number. Can I guess ?
Answer: We track photos by state registration. Without that we will not be able to find your boat. Those four numerical characters and two alpha characters are unique to you and the only way we have sorted state registered boats since 1981.

Question: I wasn't in an event, but I saw a BOATPIX helicopter flying nearby. Did you get any pictures of my boat ?
Answer: If the helicopter came right up next to you we probably have photos. If far away, probably not. We never know who is in an event or not, so we photograph everyone.

Question: I want to use my boat photo in my company advertising. Do you sell the files ?
Answer: Yes. They are more expensive than pictures as you would own the image.

Question: I requested a package of photos. How long does it take to receive my photos?
Answer: It takes 2 weeks for you to receive your photos in the Winter and more in the Summer because we are busier.

Question: How can I help you identify and find my photos ?
Answer: We track photos by state registration number if registered with a state, documented boat name if registered with the Coast Guard and lastly by the boat make if it is an unmarked boat. If you are in a sailboat race include your racing sailing number.

Question: How much more are the digital files ?
Answer: $500 for one file. $750 for two files and $1000 for all the files. If you don't need the files, just buy a picture. If you want to make a brochure, shirts, advertisements, sell the boat or lots of pictures you'll need the digital files. If you buy the files we.ll make you pictures at 50% off our retail so you can take advantage or our color knowledge. Please contact us directly for more information at: 561.798.9850.

Question: I want an aerial picture of my house, business or something else. Do you do that ?
Answer: Yes. Call 561.798.9850

Question: I think you took pictures of my boat more than two years ago. Do you still have them ?
Answer: Probably. Please submit a photo request and we will check our photo archives.

Question: I need some boat pictures for my website, company or magazine. Can you help me ?
Answer: Yes. We can provide you with a CD of digital images suitable for use in web sites or print media. $500 for one file. $750 for two files and $1000 for all the files. To many people this is a great deal. Try to do it yourself for this price! Please contact us directly for more information at 561.798.9850.

Question: What postal carrier do we use?
Answer: We use United States Postal Service (signature required) on our packages. This means you must sign the USPS delivery driver.s electronic board.

Question: I am not home during the day. Can USPS leave my photo package on my front door?
Answer: No. We require a signature for proof of delivery. You must sign for the photos to receive them. Please be sure and provide a "daytime" shipping address where you will be available so you can sign for delivery.Question: Do you charge a shipping & handing fee?Answer: There is a $25.00 shipping and handling fee.